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The Benefits of an Orthodontic Consultation Before Sleepaway Camp

The Benefits of an Orthodontic Consultation Before Sleepaway Camp

Dr. Karen Conn of Bryn Mawr Orthodontics explains why the beginning of the summer is a great time to schedule your child’s complimentary consultation

By Dr. Karen Conn (Bryn Mawr Orthodontics) 

As the summer approaches, many children are getting excited to head off to sleepaway camp!  (I am personally very jealous of them - I loved my summers at camp!)  With the end of school year festivities and the start of summer fun, you are probably busy and it can be easy to de-prioritize certain appointments.  But, put off that haircut, not your orthodontic evaluation - it is a great idea to get your child an orthodontic consultation in the weeks before sleepaway camp!

There are several benefits to getting your child an orthodontic consultation before sleepaway camp.  First, it will allow you to find out whether your child needs orthodontic treatment now.  If your child does need treatment, your child can get started on it right away - and, using the latest technology, orthodontists can plan your treatment to minimize or avoid appointments while your child is at camp.  If your child will need orthodontic treatment, but you want to wait until after camp, orthodontists can determine if any intervention (for example, a retainer worn at night) is appropriate to hold the teeth in place for the summer so that any issues do not worsen… and you can schedule your child’s start for braces or Invisalign at the most convenient time when they return from camp.

Second, if your child does not need treatment yet, you can rest assured this summer knowing that your child's dental health is in good hands and that your child can wait for braces or Invisalign.  Parents often worry about their children's health and well-being when they are away at sleepaway camp - let us cross one worry off your list!

Finally, getting an orthodontic consultation and having a treatment plan in place before sleepaway camp can help to give your child confidence and peace of mind when they inevitably see their camp friends in braces or Invisalign.  For today’s children and teens, braces or Invisalign can feel like a right-of-passage.  Knowing that they also have a plan in place to achieve straight teeth, a healthy bite, and a beautiful smile can help them to feel confident and comfortable at sleepaway camp.

On behalf of the entire team at Bryn Mawr Orthodontics, we hope you all have a great start to the summer!


To schedule a pre-camp complimentary consultation with Dr. Karen Conn or Dr. Ross Segal at Bryn Mawr Orthodontics, please click here or call our office at (484) 383-0055.  

Karen Conn, DMD, MS is a Board-certified orthodontist and co-owner of Bryn Mawr Orthodontics (Bryn Mawr, PA), where she specializes in Invisalign and braces for children, teens and adults.  She has been recognized as a Philadelphia Magazine Top Dentist, Main Line Today Top Dentist, Suburban Family Top Orthodontist, and is among the nation’s top 1% of Invisalign providers.  Dr. Conn received her undergraduate and doctorate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania.  She completed her residency in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics at Temple University, where she also earned a master's degree in Oral Biology.

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